Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Glenn Gould playing in your living room?

New technologies promise us new rich musical experiences, says John Walker in his talk at the EG conference 2007, which I found at In his talk Walker shows a piano that re-creates, like a pianola, a performance by Glenn Gould's 'Bach Variations'.

A pianola uses very little data. The technology Walker shows is different. First you take a performance from the past, then you analyse it in detail (including the power of the fingers on the keys and that of the feet on the pedals). This gives you lots of data. Software and technology can use this data to make a piano re-play the performance with every detail brought back to life. The dream goes on: maybe in future we can have a complete string quartet in our living room without musicians but with the full effect of live music!

Which performance would you choose to have in your living room?

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